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About Us

About Us

We provide quality music education for financially-disadvantaged, at-risk youth.

The Quarteirão da Música - Music School is a project of the Philanthropic Association Casa dos Curumins, founded in Brazil by the Swiss-Brazilian couple Adriana and Alberto Eisenhardt.

Casa dos Curumins is a non-profit Brazilian and Swiss civil society organization with no religious or party affiliation.

Its mission is to promote human development and the social inclusion of children and young people, aiming at low-income populations living in the slums of São Paulo, in a transparent and sustainable way. Over the years several projects have been implemented in the areas of education, art, culture, sport and leisure, among others, contributing to the process of transformation of this area to the benefit of the residents themselves and society as a whole. Today the projects welcome, care for, nurture and educate around 500 young people, and promote activities involving more than 100 elderly.

The institution also strives to include those who, for whatever reason, do not wish to become musicians. Art and musical practice, after all, are first and foremost a powerful instrument of individual transformation. This is especially true in a context of social vulnerability, where music offers children and young people something much greater and necessary: the sense of belonging and the ability, in the midst of adversity, to dream again.

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