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Entrega dos certificados da turma de formandos 2021


Sinfonia de Cinema - OSESP

Os alunos do #QuarteirãoDaMúsica aproveitaram o primeiro passeio do ano, com um concerto na incrível Sala São Paulo!

A Sinfonia de Cinema marca o começo de mais uma temporada da OSESP, com um repertório que cativou a todos, grandes trilhas que reconhecemos das séries e filmes!

Foi uma linda experiência, sendo inclusive a primeira vez que muitos alunos assistiram uma orquestra ao vivo. Tudo isso foi possível graças a @estacaohack  Gratidão imensa!


Quarteirão da Música abre INSCRIÇÕES para o 1° Semestre de 2022

Juntamente com a Associação Atelier dos Curumins, abrimos vagas para que crianças e jovens de 10 a 22 anos façam aulas de música GRATUITAS, com grandes professores e um programa de estudos completo, pelo Projeto Musicando na Pedreira II

Acesse o link para se inscrever: https://bityli.com/okBlV


Segunda edição do Festival Quarteirão da Música ONLINE

Salve os dias de 8 a 12 de novembro na sua agenda!
​Vem aí... A segunda edição do Festival Quarteirão da Música ONLINE, com grandes convidados, pratas da casa, aprendizado e muita música!

Confira a programação de todo o Festival e se inscreva!




Quarentena musical, próximos encontros imperdíveis!

Dia 19/05 Muito felizes em receber o maravilhoso trombonista Paulo Malheiros @paulomalheiros .

Dia 20/05 Muito felizes em receber o maravilhoso baterista e percussionista Rodrigo Digão @rodrigodigaobraz 

Dia 22/05 Muito felizes em receber a maravilhosa regente e professora Patricia Costa @pccantocoral 

Todas entrevistas ás 16h30 - live no nosso Instagram.

Não perca!


Quarteirão da Música no período de isolamento Social

Quarteirão da Música  in the Period of Social Isolation

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and according to the determination of World Health Organization and the Government of the State of São Paulo, the Quarteirão da Música School complies with the important social isolation and has suspended face to face  classes.

However, since March 17,2020 it has been offering through the Google Class room Platform (Google Classroom) and Zoom Meeting activities and online classes for enrolled students.

If you are a registered student and have not yet had access to the online platform, please contact us immediately through our e-mail: info@quarteiraodamusica.org or by phone at (11) 2691 3646 during working hours.

We  continue looking for ways to support students with  difficulties to access the online tools, and as soon as we find an effective and safe possibility we will do it!

Registration for new candidates is open on our website continuously, but we have no prediction for new students to be registered.

We hope that everyone is healthy and that everything will be  restored as soon as possible.

A hug

Quarteirão da Música team


The Musical Quarantine doesn't stop.

Today on our Instagram profile we received the super percussionist @eduardocubano_espasande.

Live 4/05 at 16:30.


Live interview with pianist SOFIA BARON!

The #BandaDosCurumins has the privilege of welcoming this phenomenal pianist, Sofia Barion for a musical encounter on our Instagram!

Live on Wednesday, 22/04 at 16:30.


Join our philanthropa campaign!

Be the protagonist and make a difference!

The fight against hunger and suffering brought by COVID-19 is everyone's!

Donate food baskets and toiletries

for families in vulnerable situations!

Action promoted by

Swiss-Brazilian Association Casa dos Curumins

with the collaboration of

Swiss-Brazilian School of São Paulo



2019 Music Presentation

The #QuarteirãoDaMúsica is ready for our 2019 Music Presentation

with presentations from our choirs, musicalization classes and ensemble practices!

The event will take place on Saturday 23.11.2019 at 15:30hrs

Nelson Rodrigues Theatre, CEU Alvarenga.

Free entry. We'll see you there!


Quarteirão da Música at FESCC

The #FESCC is the biggest Coral Singing event in the interior of São Paulo, and the #QuarteirãoDaMúsica was there!

Quarteirão da Música traveled to Catanduva carrying a lot of enthusiasm, joy and fine-tuned notes. Thus uniting our voices with 400 other choirists from all over Brazil, creating new experiences.

The 6th Catanduva Coral Festival took place on September 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th with workshops, classes and rehearsals with the invited professionals: Patricia Costa, Eduardo Fernandes, Julio Moretzsohn, Reynaldo Puebla, Juliana Ripke and Danilo Frederico that took us to the grand Final Concert for 1,500 people!



"Chão de Flutuar" by Salomão Soares and Vanessa Moreno

Another meeting of the #QuarteirãoDaMúsica with dear artists who inspire us so much.

Saturday night (27/07) was full of exchanges and feelings, with the release of the album "Chão de Flutuar" by the duo formed by Salomão Soares and Vanessa Moreno, who presented us with their music.

Full of dreams and reflections, we have received in our hearts the message of this work.


#ChãoDeFlutuar #VanessaMoreno #SalomãoSoares


Coral Meeting

The Youth Choir of the #QuarteirãoDaMúsica let out its voice!

We had the great opportunity to participate in the Coral Meeting, at the invitation of the dear Carlos Cerqueira, which took place at the Monteiro Lobato Children and Youth Library.

The choirmembers had the opportunity to watch the choirs, learn more about the diversity of choral singing in Brazil and sing with all joy. With the regency of Cassiano Freitas it was a really special day!




Internal performances

The three days of internal #QuarteirãoDaMúsica performances were concluded with the feeling of "mission accomplished" in our hearts!

Learning is not limited only into the classroom, it expands to the stage and draws many smiles from everyone. Students gathered Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday sharing their experiences, feelings, and messages through music.

Each  afternoon we spent together was unique, many seeds bloomed and continue to grow together.

Along with so many memories we keep the feeling of gratitude!

Congratulations to all the students, teachers and everyone who makes these moments possible :)

#AudiçõesInternas #Julho #2019


Sunset Boulevard

We're surrounded by the mysteries of Sunset Boulevard!

The #QuarteirãoDaMúsica watched the musical last night at the Santander Theatre, and we're still vibrating. It was magnificent to watch this recognized work all over the world, with this amazing cast.

Sunset Boulevard has won 7 times the Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Soundtrack.

May we have the opportunity to have more experiences like this!

#QuarteirãoDaMusica #SunsetBoulevard




Show Rio - São Paulo, with Letícia Amorim in vocal

It is with great joy that we invite you to watch the Rio - São Paulo Show, with Letícia Amorim on vocals, a member of the Banda dos Curumins!

The singer and keyboardist is a student at Souza Lima College and professor of children's musicalization at CEI Parque Doroteia. Letícia will be performing alongside Cassio Ferreira, Jota P, Marcio Bahia, Thiago Espirito Santo and of course, André Marques.

This show has the repertoire of the last CD of pianist André Marques and will take place on May 29, at 21:00 at Fauhaus.

We count on the presence of all, it will be a beautiful night!


JAZZ IN BESS - SUONI DEL DOMANI - Lugano, Swityerland, 2019

Michael Pipoquinha - bass, Salomão Soares - piano, Jonatas Sansão - drums, Vanessa Moreno

Show in support of the "Quarteirão da Musica" philanthropic school that welcomes aspiring musicians, inhabitants of the community of Pedreira - Sao Paulo - Brazil.

A project of the Swiss -Brazilian Association "Casa dos Curumins".



Suoni del domani – Live Interview by Radio Rete Uno of Italian Swiss

Rete Uno is the most heard radio in Italian Switzerland.

A varied musical selection, fun reports and current news make Rete Uno a popular broadcaster.

Nicola Colotti interviews Michael Pipoquinha, Salomão Soares, Jonatas Sansão, Vanessa Moreno and Ana Paula Guimaraes.https://www.rsi.ch/rete-uno/programmi/intrattenimento/millevoci/Dalle-favelas-al-Conservatorio-la-Banda-dos-Curumins-riscatta-i-giovani-di-San-Paolo-11710598.html?fbclid=IwAR3s3s_ZPO_p8rPJkhjxFhnKaQwkH-bzxubrwnWqJqSKooA3GAHi3VNRyFw  


Suoni del Domani

Two unforgetable nights at the Teatro Sociale di Bellinzona, Switzerland, with Sebalter and Band, Michael Pipoquinha, Salomão Soares, Jonatas Sansão and Vanessa Moreno

Check out the images:




Sebalter returns with his full Band to the Teatro Sociale di Bellinzona as promoter and host of the two charity evenings. The profits of the concerts will go to support the "Quarteirao da Música", the school of the Association Casa dos Curumins of which Sebalter is godfather, which welcomes and educates 140 aspiring musicians from 6 to 20 years old, inhabitants of the favelas of The Pedreira, victims of marginalization, violence and social hardship to which, through music, we offer a solid alternative to life in the street.

To the repertoire of Sebalter, who will play with his full Band, Michael Pipoquinha on bass, Salomão Soares on keyboards, Jonatas Sansão on drums and the singer Vanessa Moreno - all young revelations of Brazilian instrumental music as both performers and composers - will add songs celebrating the cheerfulness and sadness of a people, poetry, passion and "saudade" that distinguish the musical genre.

Two distinct evenings those of Bellinzona, entrusted to the talent and creativity of the musicians who will alternate on stage to give us strong emotions in the name of solidarity.      

Saturday, May 25

The concert on Saturday, May 25th will be opened by SEBALTER & BAND, followed by Michael Pipoquinha with Jonatas Sansão and Vanessa Moreno, final with SEBALTER & BAND and Brazilian guests.

Sunday, May 26

The concert on Sunday, May 26th will be opened by SEBALTER & BAND, after the break will play Micheael Pipoquinha, Salomão Soares, Jonatas Sansão with Vanessa Moreno, final with SEBALTER & BAND and Michael Pipoquinha Trio.

Tickets: www.ticketcorner.ch  or at the counter of the Bellinzona tourism office


Década de divino maravilhoso - Decade of divine wonderful

The #QuarteirãoDaMusica took a time trip.

We watch "70? - Decade of divine wonderful, Doc. Musical" a documentary in the form of a musical that celebrates each year of the decade so fruitful for Brazilian music and world pop culture. The show featured participations of The Frenzies and Baby Consuelo of the New Bahians.

We feel the power of music, which spans generations!

#70docMusical #TeatroNet



Quarteirão da Música no Linha de Frente - JC

Check out the article about Quarteirão da Música and the Curumins Band made by Jornal da Cultura and learn more about our goals, dreams and achievements!


Musical Presentation 03/11/2018 - CEU Alvarenga, São Paulo

“Without music, life would be a mistake”  -  Nietzsche         

Our musical presentation was a true celebration for us! A moment to reflect on the many wonderful memories we made in 2018…

Every time we welcomed a new season, we assembled a collection of new music ("Music of the Season”) and dedicated time to practicing as a group. Our children's choir had the honor of participating in the ABBA Group Show at the Space of the Americas, and hosted the group's singers during an exclusive musical visit at our school. The Band of Curumins visited the Clara Nunes Theater for the Show Vida Bela featuring talented artist Michael Pipoquinha. We also attended Andrea Bocelli's concert at Allianz Park – an event that certainly marked the lives of many who were there.

Creating positive memories that reinforce courage in our daily lives is one of our goals. We hope you can appreciate the journey we have all been on this past year – one of dedication and persistence that has led us to finding new partners, and embracing the important role of friends and family. May we pursue light, hope and land in a promising future!

Thank you so much! Enjoy!

Ana Paula Guimarães

Director of Music Education, Quarteirão da Música


Workshop: "Memories and Techniques of Sound" with Riccardo Studer

Swiss Sound Engineer Riccardo Studer came to Brazil specifically to provide a unique experience to 5 young students from our very own Music Quartet!

Our students spent 20 hours in the studio with Riccardo, where they observed, learned about and manipulated basic functions in the recording and mixing process. Brendo, Geovana, Yasmin, João and Pedro were delighted to discover and learn about new areas of music and potentially even career paths.  


Andrea Bocelli Concert at Allianz Park

Andrea Bocelli – Allianz Parque 30/09/2018

Attending Bocelli’s concert – a worldwide renowned tenor- was a dream come true for many of our students and an undoubtedly impactful discovery for others.  Bocelli performed an impeccable and emotional concert with the orchestra, choir, and Brazilian soprano Maria Rita. In the first part of the concert, he presented a number of well-known arias, moving to perform songs from his album "Romanza" in the second part. Our group of over 100 people consisted of children, and adults of all ages!  Their praise for everything they witnessed and for the beautiful production of the event was endless.


Hamilton de Holanda has inaugurated the show “Som da imagem” (“Sound of pictures”)

“Som da imagem” is Hamilton de Holanda’s new show mixing screenings and musical improvisations. It was such a pleasure to attend Hamilton de Holanda’s wonderful show “Som da Imagem”, and the best was to benefit from this master’s affection, attention and generosity, whose work we admire so much! We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to see his work!

@ Sesc Belenzinho


Meeting with the German group TRIO ELF and Marco Lobo

On tour in Brazil, the German musicians of the Trio ELF launched “The Brazilian album” jointly with the Brazilian percussionist Marco Lobo. We had the great pleasure of being invited once again in the jazz club JazzNosFundos in order to assist this wonderful concert. Formed by Gerwin Eisenhauer (drums), Walter Lang (piano), and Peter Cudek (bass guitar), the Trio ELF created a wide repertory of acoustic versions of iconic electronic artists such as Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk, and produced as well digital versions of classics from the Monk, Milton Nascimento, Paolo Conte and Brahms. The biggest satisfaction was to welcome these musicians for an exclusive workshop for our students, which was plenty of truly enriching and high-level musical talks as well as of great emotions.




It was simply amazing! ABBA THE SHOW

It was simply amazing…congratulations to the children’s choir of the Quarteirão da Música for their stunning performance in the ABBA THE SHOW that took place in the auditorium Espaço das Américas!!
Amazing work of Ana Paula Guimarães and Cassiano Freitas, together with the invaluable work of Mikaelle Aparecida. We would like to thank the Waterloo Band, the musicians of the National Symphonic Orchestra from London, pk7produções and WAP.    




A little bit of our story in the magazine Rolling Teens

A nice article narrating a little bit of our story was published in the magazine Rolling Teens. An amazing social project that trains young talented musicians from Brazil, to discover! 



Reportage in the Brazilian broadcast programme Jornal da Band

“The power of art in environments where the state is absent”

The title of this reportage may appear strong, but those who live in disadvantaged contexts know and will agree. The broadcast programme Jornal da Band came to discover the work that we carry out in the Quarteirão da Música with children and teenagers from the southern areas of São Paulo, and the reportage went on air. A project by #CasadosCurumins, today the Quarteirão da Música holds a specific space for musical learning, and provide more than 100 children and youth with facilities and a pedagogic programme that is suitable and compliant with the main references of the musical language. The band Banda dos Curumins is the fruit of this work.

A light of dignity and empowerment. 


Virginia Rodrigues - SESC Vila Mariana

The singer Virgínia Rodrigues celebrated 20 years of music by performing some of her greatest hits. The night was also attended by the percussionist Marco Lobo.

(Click on photos)


Parent, Guardian and Family Meeting

Parent, guardian and family meetings provide a moment of reflection and an opportunity for students to interact with their families. These opportunities are key to strengthening the partnership with families that supports the development of our musicians.

(Click on photos)


Connection Project Brazil Cuba - Teatro Alfa

Our students witnessed an exciting yet refined concert in this mix of national and Cuban sonorities. The musicians included João Donato, Tiago Costa, Swami Jr, Edson Alves, Fabiana Cozza, Toninho Ferragutti and Felipe Roseno along with Cubans Omara Portuondo, Pepe Cisneros, Gastón Joya, Julito Padrón, Oliver Valdés and the orchestra Camerata Romeu provided an engaging experience for our students.


World Voice Day

April 21st is celebrated as World Day of Voice; a day to reflect on the importance of our voice and the respect we should have towards it. The Music Quartet participated in the official "World Voice Day" program, providing students with a presentation on voice health given by speech therapist Ivy Martins.



Technical Parade - The Music Quartet Team

Our team gathered in a training session on Keith Swanwick's Teria Spiral "Paths and Trajectories for Music Education" to focus on further enhancing our pedagogical practices in music education The musician and pedagogue André Rodrigues facilitated.


Workshop with the Instrumental group Project B

This quintet, joined by Casa Dos Curumins music teacher Leonardo Muniz, embraces experimentation, mixing the jazz with both Brazilian and contemporary music. In addition to the performance,  we had time to talk to the musicians and reflect on the music.
(Click on photos)


Concert Sampa Circle Songs with Joey Blake

Watching the choir perform Sampa Circle Songs was striking and exciting for our students. Circlesong is a term coined by Bobby McFerrin to describe improvisation with collective vocal textures. Circular music has spread around the world, and on this occasion, Joey Blake (USA), Bob McFerrin's main performance partner, led the show.
(Click on photos)


CD OUT! Help us sustaining the "Quarteirao da Musica".

Help us sustaining the "Quarteirao da Musica" school in São Paulo, Brazil, so children and teens can get quality musical education. 
Buy the CD!

Links here: 


Musical Season - Autumn

At each change of season, we have a musical moment to welcome a new cycle. A way to encourage more collective musical practices. To embrace the fall we had the presentations of Practice B Set, Percussion Group and Children, Youth and Senior Corals.
(Click on photos)



Percussion workshop with Emílio Martins

And we believe in the infinite possibilities of art. Especially in the special connections it establishes with ourselves and others.  Today, with the generosity of drummer and percussionist Emilio Martins, we had a wonderful percussion workshop with students of the Music School! 



"Our World" CD release show with Sandro Haick and Michael Pipoquinha with the special guest Mestrinho!

The "Our World" CD is an intergeneratioanl collaboration, featuring Sandro Haick, 46, and Michael Pipoquinha, 21, both multi-instrumentalists and prodigious musicians. Overall, an impressive Brazilian instrumental album.

(Click on photos)


Carnival of the Quarteião da Música

The Carnival is a remarkable celebration in our country. In honor of this tradition we held a costume ball with songs and a parade performed by our students. 


Pool Moon Elephant and Side Project support the Quarteirão da Música

Pool Moon Elephant (Switzerland) and Side Project (UK) joined their creativity and energy to produce a four tracks CD, whose proceeds will support the "Quarteirão da Musica" music school in São Paulo, Brazil.

Pool Moon Elephant (Suíça) e Side Project (UK) juntaram-se à sua criatividade e energia para produzir um cd de quatro faixas, cujas receitas vão apoiar a escola de música "quarteirão da musica" em São Paulo, Brasil.


Pool Moon Elephant's interview by the Swiss Italian national radio Rete Tre, talking about their project to sustain the Casa dos Curumins and the "Quarteirao da Musica" music school in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Entrevista do Pool Moon Elephant pela Rádio Nacional italiana Rete Tre, falando sobre seu projeto para sustentar a Casa dos Curumins e a escola de música "Quarteirao da musica" Em São Paulo, Brasil.



Connect with Pool Moon Elephant Official Website:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pmelephant

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pmelephant

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoolMoonElephan


A Workshop hosted by Percussionist and composer Marco Lobo

A few of our students participated in the workshop "From the palm of the hand to the sole of the foot" held at the SESC Consolação.

Have you ever stopped to think that our body is an entire musical instrument? The percussionist Marco Lobo took this reflection to his course in a very practical and attractive way, where he spoke about the importance of rehearsals, how to compose arrangements and his professional experiences in shows and studios.
The students were able to learn a little more about musical perception, rhythmic independence, improvisation, touches and Brazilian popular songs and culture using: folia box, patangome, gunga, berimbau (traditional and modern), percussive tones and experimental sounds.
Another moment marked by this master so admired by us.


Annual presentation of students

On 11/15/17 at the CEU Alvarenga Stage, our students presented their annual performance to a crowd of 500. 

Our annual performance is an opportunity for students to share a sample of the work developed during the year with family, friends and the community.

The performance was highly anticipated and the students were both incredibly prepared and ultimately very proud of the production and the group spirit than enabled such a show. The repertoire was filled with Brazilian compositions and world classics.


XIII National Festival of Children and Youth Corals – Gran Finale 2017!

The Choir of the Music School participated in the XIII National Festival of Children's and Young Corals - Gran Finale. Inspired by the great Carnegie Hall Festival, this gathering brought together 350 children and young people from various places in Brazil who had the opportunity to be taught by American teacher Ruth Dwyer.


The message sent by Ruth to all the regents and choristers follows:

Dear Regents and Choralists of the Gran Finale,

Thank you for all of the hard work you and your students presented before and during the 2017 Gran Finale Festival. I enjoyed working with you, the choristers and musicians of Brazil. The choristers performed very well in the Concert. It was wonderful! I was very proud of both choirs. They sang beautifully and artistically. 

Thank you for your kindness, your great effort as teachers and dedication of the choralists and your friendship.

Brazil will always be in my heart! It was an honor to spend some time with you.

Ruth Dwyer



Workshop with Marco Lobo: Ritmos de Minas e Sons do Mundo

In August 2017, Marco Lobo, a Brazilian percussionist, came to Quarteirão da Música to hold a percussion workshop titled "Ritmos de Minas e Sons do Mundo.” It was an incredible experience for everyone involved. Thank you to Marco for the exciting and engaging workshop and for your dedicated participation; It was a memorable afternoon!



Evening premiere of “Cantando na Chuva” (Singing in the rain)

The very much awaited production of “Cantando na Chuva” premiered on Wednesday night at the Teatro Santander in São Paulo, starring Claudia Raia, Jarbas Homem de Mello, Bruna Guerin and Reiner Tenente. A group of students were delighted to have attended the performance.


National Choir Festival 2017: Gran Finale

The choir of the Quarteirão da Música auditioned in a national competition and was ultimately selected to participate in the annual Brazilian Nation Choir Festival.

The Gran Finale is a musical event where more than 500 children and young adults of pre-selected choirs from all over Brazil merge into two big choirs and perform one concert together. The concerts are traditionally led by an internationally recognized director.  In 2017, Ms. Ruth E. Dwyer, director of the ICC ICC – Indianápolis Children’s Choir in Indianápolis, based at the Butler University – EUA, took the place of the choir’s director.



Celebration Junina

Taking the time to relax and interact with one another is also important to us! On July 28th, we held a party at the Quarteirão da Música to celebrate our accomplishments thus far. Our party was animated with games, food and Brazilian music and was meant to inspire reflection around valuing the tradition and the culture of our country. (Click on photos)


Musical “60 Década de Arromba” at Teatro NET

This production featured musical hits from the sixties and was preceded by a fun history lesson. At this event, students had the chance to see excellent artists perform and sing, in addition to having the chance to meet Vanderléia, the lead performer and protagonist in the musical.

(Click on the pictures)



Internal Performance Week

Part of the school’s program is a week of internal performances where students have an opportunity to present some of the work and skill they have developed throughout the semester. Singers and instrument players learn about good stage presence and developing a relationship with the audience without forgetting about the fun and joy of making music.


Fabiana Cozza at CEU Alvarenga

As a celebrated artist within the contemporary Brazilian music scene, Fabiana Cozza has already shared the stage with a number of other popular artists such as Elza Soares, João Bosco, Francis Hime,and Ivan Lins. At this event, Fabiana Cozza, accompanied by 4 supporting yet equally excellent musicians, presented a mix of samba classics. The intimate show combined with Cozza’s strong stage presence did not fail to inspire our students.

(Click on the pictures)


Musical Les Misérables (Renault Theatre)

In May, we took a group of students, including children and adolescents, to see the award-winning Broadway musical Les Misérables at the Renault Theatre. Based on Victor Hugo’s classic novel and set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Miserables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption- a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. Attending the musical gave way to a productive conversation afterwards, where we discussed not only artistic charm, but also about music being a way to convey historical and political context.

(Click on the pictures)


Meeting of the choirs at the Igreja Assembleia de Deus Fidelidade (SBC-SP)

The adolescent choir participated in a group choir performance organized by the Igreja Assembleia de Deus Fidelidade (SBC- SP), where they presented their interpretation of a collection of music. It was an important experience for the students; in addition to having the opportunity to perform their work to a new audience, they also assisted and contributed to  other choir’s performances.

(Click on the pictures)


Orquestra da Igreja Assembleia de Deus Fidelidade’s Easter Concert

Upon invitation by our very own Proffesor Cassiano Freitas, our students Weverton, Rômulo and Matheus had the opportunity to play in the wind section of the Orquestra da Igreja Assembleia de Deus Fidelidade in their annual Easter Concert. Despite being the first time these students had played in an orchestral formation, they adapted easily to the new environment and contributed to an excellent performance.

(Click on the pictures)


Concert of the OSESP (Symphonic Orchestra of the State of São Paulo) at Sala São Paulo

Our students visited the Sala Sao Paulo concert hall for the first time in April and watched the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of São Paulo perform a range of classical pieces. The opportunity to listen to an orchestra of great importance left the kids incredibly excited about their own potential as musicians!


Parent & Guardian Meeting

Our educational process acknowledges the fundamental importance of engaging children’s families within their education and development. At our parent & guardian meetings, we invite families to join us in conversation around the school program, enable them to share their thoughts and have an open dialogue around their concerns. On this particular occasion, the youth choir marked the occasion with an opening performance that touched everyone present.

(Click on the pictures)


Concert of the Banda Mantiqueira at the Auditório do Ibirapuera

The Banda Mantiqueira ‘s debut performance of their album Com Alma (2017) was attended by a group of students from Quarteirão da Música. Directed by Nailor Proveta, the concert included, among others, pieces by Pixinguinha, Benedito Lacerda, Cacá Malaquias, Moacir Santos and Dizzy Gillespie.

(Click on the pictures)


Lenna Bahule’s release of the album “Nômade”

In March, students attended Lenna Bahule’s celebrated release and debut performance of her album Nômade with fellow musicians Claranas, Gumboot and Zé Leonidas. The musical production of the show was inspired by the idea that the body can function as a melodic, harmonic and rhythmic instrument. 

(Click on the pictures)


Carnaval Parade

At this year’s Carnaval, we brought the Bloco Curumins – Quarteirão da Música onto the streets of the community. Students learned about the history of Carnaval, rehearsed traditional march songs with batucada, and crafted their own costumes.  Students chose “the right to play and the fight against sexual abuse” as the theme of their march. Parents, educators and young adults at Casa Dos Curumins also participated to help support the parade.


Quarteirão da Música Enrollment Period

Between the 13th and the 23rd of February, we opened enrollment for children and families interested in participating in Quarteirão da Música’s classes. (Classes are free of cost and for students between the ages of 10 to 17.)

(Click on the pictures)


Quarteirão da Música at CEU Alvarenga

This was an important moment for our students, as they had the opportunity to give their families and the community a glimpse of what they have worked so hard on throughout the semester. For many of the students, it was their first time on stage. The theatre was packed with over 450 parents, teachers and community members.


Nursery Performance

Quarteirão da Música’s teacher Ana Paula Guimaraes, with the help of student Leticia Amorim, put on a performance in which a group of children from the nursey sang folk songs and created a very joyful and funny panelaço.  Both Ana Paula and Leticia are responsible for arranging musical activities for the infants of the Creche Parque Doroteia.


Presentation of the Third age Choir

In November 2016, the Third age Choir gave their first public performance under the direction of Proffesor Cassiano Freitas.  Students, staff and families were equally enthralled by the performance.


Quarteirão da Música Launch

For this long-awaited occasion, we had the honour of hosting the Swiss musician Sebalter, who performed on stage with the Bandas.


First Quarteirão da Música Music Classes

The first music lessons start in thanks to the generosity of the Fundo da Criança e Adolescente of São Paulo (FUMCAD).


Renovations for the Quarteirão da Música are Completed!

After 6 months of renovations to Casa Dos Curumin’s neighbouring building, the Quarteirão da Música’s facility is finally finished! A number of beautiful group practice spaces and a practice rooms were finally completed, specially designed and built to enable optimal acoustics.

(Click on the pictures)

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